Winners 2017

In 2017 the Steinway Society Classical competition held an ‘all-live’ audition on April 1,2. The contestants, ages 7-18, played two contrasting pieces from memory before three prominent adjudicators Dr. Crystl Baltazar, Clipper Erickson and Dr. Rebecca Mergen Pennington who selected the winners. Members, teachers and parents were in the enthusiastic audience.

Over the last twenty eight years, more than 300 students have received Steinway Society scholarships. Many of the past winners have gone on to win other state and national prizes and study music in college.

Congratulations to the winners on your truly remarkable achievements. Well done !

The Scholarship Winners

Steinway Princeton-NJ-piano-competition-recitals-performances-concertsSteinway Princeton-NJ-piano-competition-recitals-performances-concerts

  • Evan Lin, student of Rita Shklar, First Place, Group1
  • Emma Liu, student of Eunju J. Kim, Second Place, Group 1
  • Jack Fan, student of Dr. Chiu-Ling Lin Third Place, Group 1
  • Shannon Lam, student of Dr. Chiu-Ling Lin, Honorable Mention, Group 1
  • Tianyi Chen , student of Rita Shklar, Honorable Mention, Group 1
  • Sammi Li, student of Prof. Ingrid Clarfield, First Place tie, Group 2
  • Elizabeth Yang, student of Grace Yunghee Yang, First Place tie, Group 2
  • Catherine Chu, student of Chiu-Tze Lin, Second Place Tie, Group 2
  • Elizabeth Williams, student of Luba Vasilyeva, Second Place Tie, Group 2
  • Jacqueline Chen, student of Prof. Ingrid Clarfield, Honorable Mention, Group 2

Steinway Princeton-NJ-piano-competition-recitals-performances-concertsSteinway Princeton-NJ-piano-competition-recitals-performances-concerts

  • Jenna Cooley, student of Gloria Chu, First Place, Group 3
  • Lucy Zou, student of Ruguin Mikuriya, Second Place, Group 3
  • LiYuan Byrne, student of Chiu-Tze Lin, Third Place, Group 3
  • Trinity Fan , student of Tomoko Harada, Honorable Mention, Group 3
  • Meghan Jin , student of Gloria Chu, Honorable Mention, Group 3
  • Sharon Jin, student of Prof. Ingrid Clarfield, First Place tie, Group 4
  • Kelsey Lee, student of Beatrice Long, First Place tie, Group 4
  • Anthony Cheng, student of Veda Zuponcic, Second Place, Group 4
  • Andrew Ma, student of Hweilan Luo, Honorable Mention, Group 4
  • Samantha Kao, student of Eduardus Halim, Honorable Mention, Group 4
  • Albert Gu , student of Phillip Kawin, Honorable Mention, Group 4

The Steinway Society Board congratulates all the winners. Well done !
Steinway Princeton-NJ-piano-competition-recitals-performances-concerts