Welcome to the Greater Princeton Steinway Society


Since 1989, the Steinway Society of Greater Princeton has awarded competitive scholarships and developmental awards that have benefited over 300 promising young piano students. However, COVID and other developments have materially changed the environment in which the Steinway Society operated. To continue with the Society’s mission of “helping young piano students succeed” we are pleased to announce a new collaboration between The Steinway Society and The New School for Music Study

The Society’s balance of funds has been transferred to the New School to provide financial support to students who might otherwise be unable to afford musical instruction. Information about the program and application forms may be found here.

Steinway Society president, Charles Skinner, remarks, ”NSMS is a nationally recognized leader in music education and we are delighted with this new opportunity to jointly pursue our mission.” NSMS Administrative Director, Rebecca Pennington notes, “We are so appreciative of the generosity of The Steinway Society of Greater Princeton in providing need-based scholarship funds for students who are dedicated to the pursuit of their instrument.”

We welcome your support of this new scholarship fund.  [Donate]


Special Invitation

Please join us for an upcoming musicale on November 19, 2023 at 2:30 p.m. at The Seminary Chapel on the campus of the Princeton Theological Seminary. Dr. Kairy Koshoeva will perform. The concert will honor Alice Kuhn Bleimaier, the mother of Steinway Society founding member, John Bleimaier.

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