Jazz Winner 2016

On May 9, 2016, three contestants played three jazz standards each from memory in contrasting styles, including a blues. At least one piece was a solo piano performance and the others were accompanied by bassist Chris Clark. These were audited by two prominent jazz musicians, Michael Cochrane and Vince di Mura who selected the winners. Members, teachers and parents were in the enthusiastic audience. Warmest congratulations to our winner, Esteban Castro! And job well done to Jeremy Stepansky and Caelan Cardello.

Over the last twenty three years, more than 200 students have received Steinway Society scholarships. Many of the past winners have gone on to win other state and national prizes and study music in college.

First Place Esteban Castro

Esteban Castro

Esteban Castro, First Place

Adjudicators: Michael Cochrane, Vince DiMura, Contestants: Jeremy Stepansky, Caelan Caddello, Esteban Castro, Competition Chair: Tara Buzash, Bassist: Chris Clark

Adjudicators: Michael Cochrane, Vince di Mura. Contestants: Jeremy Stepansky, Caelan Cardello, Esteban Castro. Competition Chair: Tara Buzash. Bassist: Chris Clark