Welcome to the Greater Princeton Steinway Society

Princeton-NJ-piano-competition-recitals-performances-concertsDedicated to enhancing the musical education of young piano students, the Steinway Society was founded in 1989. Since then both competitive scholarships and developmental awards have benefited over 300 promising young piano students,  many of whom have gone on to study music in college.

The society displays the range and power of the piano at its monthly musicales by  pianists of national and international renown at the recital hall at Jacobs Music in Lawrenceville. We invite you to enjoy our musicales and to bring our scholarship program to the attention of promising young piano students.

To hear the latest news and events please visit our Facebook page.

Scholarship application fees cover only 51% of our expenses. We rely on your support to sustain our program. Please consider making a donation. The Steinway Society is a tax exempt, piano scholarship organization.