Winners 2005

Each year, about 20 finalists are selected from among the many scholarship applicants by a panel of accomplished teachers who listen, anonymously to their audiotapes. At the recent auditions these finalists, ages 7-18, played two contrasting pieces from memory before three prominent adjudicators, Jae-Hyuck Cho, Marc Peloquin and Karen Walwyn who selected the winners. Members, teachers and parents were in the enthusiastic audience.

Over the last eighteen years, more than 100 students have received Steinway Society scholarships. Many of the past winners have gone on to win other state and national prizes and study music in college. Each year a total of about $3,000 is granted, depending on revenues from Musicale attendance.

The Scholarship Finalists


  • Timothy Guan, student of Julia Lam, First Place, Group I
  • Audrey Luo, student of Tomoko Harada, Third Place, Group I
  • Hyung Do Kim, student of Ronn Yedidia, Second Place, Group I
  • Alex Tuchman, student of Paul Zeigler, Honorable Mention, Group II
  • Christopher Law, student of Ryugin Mikuriya, Honorable Mention, Group II
  • Katelyn Tran, student of Veda Zuponcic, Honorable Mention, Group II
  • Kevin Jang, student of Yelena Ivanov, Second Place, Group II
  • Constance Lin Kaita, student of Ingrid Clarfield, First Place, Group II
  • Jamie Cai, student of Ingrid Clarfield, Third Place Group II


  • Ji-Nee Lo, student of Ingrid Clarfield, First Place, Group III
  • Kevin Luan, student of Ingrid Clarfield, Honorable Mention, Group III
  • Kimberly Lee, student of Marion Zarzeczna, Honorable Mention, Group III
  • Joshua Suslak, student of Rita Shklar, Honorable Mention, Group III
  • Josephine Li, student of Marion Zarzeczna, Second Place, Group III
  • Jacek Skryzalin, student of Veda Zuponcic, Honorable Mention, Group III
  • Daniel Kahn, student of Tomoko Harada, First Place, Group IV
  • Jonathan Drucker, student of Thomas Parente, Honorable Mention, Group IV
  • Lucy Huang, student of Yining Wang, Honorable Mention, Group IV
  • Alice Kaon, student of Julia Lam, Third Place, Group IV
  • Brian Tran, student of Veda Zuponcic, Second Place, Group IV